vow renewals

for couples


"we want to renew our vows because......"

  • it would give us a chance to reconnect and recommit to each other.
  • we would love to have beautiful, intimate photos of just the two of us after all these years together.
  • we lost our wedding photos.
  • we're not in love with our wedding photos.
  • we deserve to get away for a weekend (or week!) in New England, just the two of us and have this experience documented.
  • we've been through so much over the years and have worked hard on our marriage.
  • I love my partner more than anything.

What would it be like?

  • Choose from three settings:
    • on a mountain top at sunset and dusk
    • on the beach at sunset and dusk
    • in the woods where every shade of green surrounds you
  • Just the two of you (and little ol' me). No children, no witnesses, no officiant.
  • A few weeks or days before: write your vows. Make them personal, deep, loving and honest.
  • The only person that will hear your vows will be your partner. I will keep my distance while I photograph, so that the moment is yours; cry, laugh and be present with each other.
  • Your vow renewals will be followed by portraits and exploring (approx 60 minutes)
  • If you're not from (or familiar with) New England, I am happy to help you find a place to stay and places to eat & celebrate! Just let me know. 

Why I want you to do a vow renewal:

My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years and we know: MARRIAGE IS HARD WORK. We also know that it's not very often that you get to take time out for each other....WITH each other....and have beautiful photos to remember it.

After 10 years in the wedding industry, I realized that my true passion was photographing the couple, and only the couple. AND I fell in love with the idea of being a part of, and inspiring, couples to take time out for themselves: leave the kids & the pets at home, pack your bags, and plan for a romantic getaway in New England. 

(I love kids -- I have one! -- but no exceptions: no kids or witnesses)

This is for you and your partner only. A gift to yourselves.




  • my travel throughout the New England area (must be within 2 hour drive of Concord, New Hampshire)
  • 2 hours (not including travel)
  • a password-protected gallery of your edited images within 2 weeks
  • a PIN to download your hi-res images (no watermark)
  • images that you will fall in love with!

TRAVEL arrangements

  • depending on where you choose to have your vow renewal, there are 4 airports that I recommend:
    • BOSTON, MA - (BOS)
    • Manchester, NH (MHT)
    • Portland, ME (PWM)
    • Burlington, VT (BTV)
  • I'm based in Concord, New Hampshire. It's a darling, little town with local shops and restaurants on Main Street. It's within driving distance to the mountains, rivers, lakes, ocean and Boston!
  • If you stay near Concord, I can help with Airbnb, hotel and restaurant recommendations