In the spring of 2007, I left an incredibly depressing job in a small, windowless room. I had a 3 month old baby at home and desperately wanted to be home with him more often. I focused on taking my part-time photography business full-time to support my family.

I felt like I could handle everything: the emails, meetings, bookkeeping, photographing, editing, web design, parenting, volunteering, working out, being a great friend (quantity over quality).

My business grew and I loved the work I was creating! I was making great money, my work was getting published, I was flying around the world and I lost weight that I'd been trying to lose for years and years. Life was great! Ummmm - NOPE. 

I defined my life as "successful" for all of the wrong reasons.

Within 3 years, I hit a wall and realized that I was spread too thin. Mistakes were made. Opportunities were missed. Finances were out of control. I was working longer hours than I expected. I didn't feel as passionate about the work. 

My 3 year old son asked me if I loved my phone more than him. I was trying to run my business from my phone and had zero boundaries. Later that same year, my husband asked me if I wanted to divorce. The truth is that I was married to my job, not my husband. I was putting so much pressure on myself to be "successful" at the expense of my marriage and health. I didn't mean to, of course. That wasn't my intention.

I was lost, afraid and resentful.
It took a lot of work to correct that. I went to therapy, hired a business coach, set boundaries and made time for self care and my family.

I will be the first to tell you that the process was not easy. But what I realized was that I couldn't do it alone. I needed a support system of strong people. And a coach.