for womxn




All sessions are done online through a video call. We’ll meet “face to face”.

Thoughtful homework is customized for you after each session.

Every session lasts 2 hours and is always followed by an email check in one week later.

Working with a mentor can help you gain clarity and peace. I will help guide womxn to their inner-wisdom and intuition so that they can start making personal and professional choices with less regret, guilt, anxiety, or external validation.

My sessions are designed to help you identify areas in your life where you’re in need of healthy boundaries, time management for self compassion, more clarity about the direction of your life, and more.

I include guided meditations to help you focus on what’s important. I will teach you how to do these on your own each day.

  • Strengthen relationships with better communication

  • More respect and less drama

  • Feel more appreciated and valued at home and work

  • Contribute to others’ wellbeing and self-respect

  • Attract healthy and supportive partners and friends

  • Increase your mental, emotional and physical energy





designed for small groups (10-20 womxn)

These are typically hosted by employers, team leaders, entrepreneurs, community activists, clubs, teams, and others.



Host a workshop with Kym in your town or city.

Who pays? Attendees pay a registration fee to attend.

Benefits to host: receive a free spot to the event, gain exposure for your business/group/club, feel more empowered and compassionate, have more focus, energy and clarity.



Hire Kym to lead a workshop for your team, group, community, employees, etc in your town or city.

Who pays? You, or your company or group.

Benefits of hiring Kym: less time and energy to plan, and gratitude from those who attend for creating this safe space.

Benefit for your group: folks walk away feeling more connected, empowered AND compassionate; more focus, energy and clarity.


The goal is to help the group identify what healthy boundaries are, where they are needed, how to implement them, improve communication, increase confidence and compassion, say ‘no’ without apologizing, and to feel more connected to their group or community.

The intention of my workshop is to create a bond within the group in a safe and respectful way so that every womxn feels seen and heard.



to setting boundaries:

  • Reduce & eliminate resentment, guilt, anger, drama and exhaustion

  • Feel empowered, appreciated and valued (personally & professionally)

  • Attract healthy + supportive partners and friends

  • More courage + freedom to be your true self

  • Have more mental, emotional and physical energy

  • Learn to say “no” without apologizing

  • Speak up and be heard

to knowing your Core Values:

  • They highlight what you stand for

  • They give clarity about what’s important to you

  • Clarity to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you

  • A core part of your self-identity and self-awareness

  • They can help you in setting boundaries

  • They can guide behavior and choice