Yes! I do talk with my hands. lol

Yes! I do talk with my hands. lol

In 2015, I held my first retreat called NINE. That first year, was mostly focused on helping photographers.

Today, NINE is simply for all women.

At NINE, we are all teachers and students. I learn something every damn time!

I LOVE teaching at NINE. I'm in my element, surrounded by women that are opening themselves up to the experiences and lessons.

Topics that I've focused on:

  • setting boundaries
  • taking control of your business
  • zero / less waste
  • The Four Agreements
  • finding purpose + passion
  • healing from trauma

The NINE woman wants to live an intentional life. She is compassionate, creative, loyal and loves the outdoors and nature. She values and craves community and friendships and is looking to connect with a new group of women or re-connect with old friends. She is at any age or stage in life where she needs a refresh or reboot. She lost her identity somewhere over the last few years and rejects the labels she’s been given. Deep down, she is fierce and wild and wants to love herself the way she loves the people around her. She’s searching for a new found clarity and purpose.