Here are a few of my boundaries.


MONDAY + TUESDAY are dedicated to my COACHING clients (sometimes Sunday, too).

On WEDNESDAY, I teach photography to junior high kids in the morning and then I write grants & plan events for the non-profit Sycamore Community Garden the rest of the day.

THURSDAY + FRIDAY, I work on my other baby: NINE Retreat with my pal, Kimberly Goeman. I also meet with my online business support group once/week!

SATURDAY + SUNDAY are set aside for self care, volunteering, housework, adventures, family and friends.

In the morning, afternoon and evenings I am a mom and wife who really, really likes to take care of everyone. I try to keep my computer and phone put away so that I'm completely present for them. That way, when it's your time (during your coaching session) I am grounded, rested and ready to give you that same attention. 




My life


Family Boundaries, values + beliefs

We try to live with less waste (we compost, grow our own food, make our own toothpaste, deodorant, almond milk, bread and more). We try to purchase items without packaging as often as possible -- on the weekends, you'll find us at yard sales and thrift stores if we are on the hunt for something we need!

We eat dinner at the table together every night (no screens).

No TV's or screens in the bedrooms.

We try to live by The Four Agreements

We believe in equality for all people and support same-sex marriages.

We try not to judge others and hope others do not judge us.

We support the refugees and immigrants in our community and country.

We try to spend our money on experiences over things.

We are passionate about mental health issues. My husband is a social worker for severally mentally ill adult population.

We are fostering-to-adopt a baby this year! (not a boundary, belief or value -- but we're suuuuuper excited about it!)