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Charlie + Jessica: married in Brooklyn

I love how I connected with this couple! Thank you Instagram! Two years ago, I discovered Instagram user, Veggieterrain, and immediately formed an online friendship. I had no idea what she looked like (her profile photo is a shot of her "vegan" tattoo) and all that I knew about her was that she was a vegan, she graciously replied to her followers and lived in Brooklyn, NY. Screenshot 2014-02-15 11.56.31

So, when she announced (on Instagram) that she was engaged, I naturally congratulated her! (And joked about coming out to Brooklyn to shoot the wedding). We did some more back-and-forth joking about it and then BAM! I get an email from Jessica (Veggieterrain) that she was serious about having me come to Brooklyn to capture her small and intimate wedding ON THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE. What? OMG. Yes. I'm there.

Needless to say, this was one of my all-time favorite weddings. I loved every minute that I spent with Charlie + Jessica. They are high school sweethearts from the midwest and are genuinely in love!charlie-jessica_0459charlie-jessica_0407 charlie-jessica_0414 charlie-jessica_0320charlie-jessica_0474 (1)charlie-jessica_0229 charlie-jessica_0238charlie-jessica_0296charlie-jessica_0033 charlie-jessica_0268charlie-jessica_0167 charlie-jessica_0162 charlie-jessica_0146charlie-jessica_0144charlie-jessica_0124charlie-jessica_0105charlie-jessica_0039charlie-jessica_0031 charlie-jessica_0022charlie-jessica_0196charlie-jessica_0178 charlie-jessica_0180charlie-jessica_0340