"Beautifully dark" form

Just a few things to know:

  • Wardrobe:  
    • something you feel incredibly beautiful, comfortable and/or confident in (ANY color - solids are best)
    • suggestions:
      • long, flow-y pieces are great -- something that catches the wind
      • white / light colored dress,
      • vintage slip
      • white top with jeans/pants
  • Shoes:
    • If the weather is warm, you'll mostly go barefoot but bring a pair of shoes to slip on and off
    • In cold climates: wear layers to keep you warm
  • IF you choose to have your makeup done:
    • hire someone that you trust (or a friend trusts)
    • keep it natural
    • tell them what you're comfortable with; don't be shy to speak up
  • Arrive relaxed. Leave your worries at home.
  • If you're going to be late, please text me: 623.258.3701 as soon as possible. Your session times are not flexible due to additional sessions booked prior to and after your session. Thanks for understanding!

Please complete thIS form BEFORE YOUR SESSION

ONLY SHARE WHAT YOU'RE COMFORTABLE SHARING. Remember, your words are safe with me. I do not share anything with anyone else. You can also tell me in person, at your session, if you're more comfortable. There's no wrong way to do this. Do what feels right.

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