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I have learned A LOT over the last 10 year of owning multiple businesses.

I was a full-time, international wedding photographer for 10 years......while raising a son, trying to maintain a healthy marriage, starting new businesses, while experiencing mental health + physical issues, while learning what boundaries were and why I needed them.

Mistakes became lessons. Self-care was no longer self-ish. My community + teaching gave me purpose.

On my 40th birthday, I could finally say I KNOW WHO I AM.



I am living with purpose.

I am a woman with healthy boundaries.

I am patient with myself and others.

I am adventurous and loving.

I am passionate, strong and resilient.

I am not in competition with other women.

I am intentionally living with more clarity and peace.

I am an artist and am inspired by everything around me: the good and the bad.

I am learning not to make assumptions or take anything personally.

I am a mom with a goal of raising confident and kind children.

I am a wife to a selfless and supportive husband.

I am a friend and sister to hundreds of women.

I am a teacher and student.

I am not alone, unless I choose to be.