Kym Ventola is an international wedding photographer sought after by couples and brands for her editorial and natural style. Kym lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her family. She’s simply crazy about her husband and her son and she loves to live her life out loud, to lose herself in music, and travel the world.

Be prepared to fall in love with Kym and her work, and become fast friends. 



"Kym was a dream come true. What she does is so much more than take photographs of your wedding. She finds the subtleties–the sparks and flares and flashes of love and excitement–the raw, fierce emotions that sometimes get lost in a picture. In a word, she captures the truth. She has a natural talent for creating images that seem to be woven into your own imagining of the day. I believe she does this so well because of her unbelievably positive and loving energy which she brings to everything–from skype calls to the bridal suite, from the engagement session to the family portraits. She has poise and strength during the wild and overwhelming moments that can happen during a wedding. She made us feel at ease and treated us with so much love she started to feel like an old friend. Her talent as a photographer is only paralleled by her deep love for love, which made our wedding day–and the memory of it–even more full and beautiful." - Jess + Nate, Married August 2014