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My class is designed to help you evaluate areas in your life where you are lacking the healthy boundaries it takes to reduce the anger, resentment and exhaustion you’re experiencing. You’ll also learn why knowing your core values is the foundation of the work ahead of you. Do you know what you stand for, at your core? Who are you? What is ok and not ok? Is it easy for you to say NO to others? Are you easily able to let go of things that bother you or does it lead to anxiety? Are you passionate about the things you do/create or are you uninspired and a tiny bit annoyed most of the time?

Setting healthy boundaries:

  • strengthen relationships with better communication; more respect and less drama

  • can help you feel more appreciated and valued at home and work

  • contribute to others’ wellbeing and self-respect

  • attract healthy and supportive partners and friends

  • increase your mental, emotional and physical energy



Are there communication issues at your office? Are some team members taking on too much work and others aren’t pulling their own weight? These things can lead to resentment, anger and exhaustion.

By helping each employee take personal responsibility for their own choices, beliefs and values, and learn to speak up or say “no” when something doesn’t feel right, resentment and exhaustion can be reduced!

Healthy boundaries at work can improve office relationships, productivity, inspire new ideas and reduce high turnover rates.

Example of a healthy boundary: Saying NO to personal calls/texts during office hours unless it’s an emergency. Also saying NO to work calls/texts after office hours so that you can be present for your friends/family/self and feel refreshed for work the next day.

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About Kym Ventola

I was a full-time, international wedding photographer for 11 years......while raising a son, trying to maintain a healthy marriage, starting new businesses, while experiencing mental health + physical issues, while learning what boundaries were and why I needed them.

Mistakes became lessons. Self-care was no longer self-ish. My community + teaching gave me purpose.


"Kym has guided me well, assisted me in identifying and implementing my boundaries, understanding my own areas to work through, recommended the right readings for me at the right times, and keeps me grounded so that my business growth is something I can accept with divine gratitude.” 

Norina Murphy, LCSW