“Boundaries are the key to reducing anger, resentment and exhaustion. They communicate self-worth and self-respect.”

-Kym Ventola


MENTORING with kym ventola

Working with a mentor can help you gain clarity and peace.

I help guide womxn to their inner-wisdom and intuition so that they can start making personal and professional choices with less regret, guilt, anxiety, or external validation.

My sessions are designed to help you identify areas in your life where you’re in need of healthy boundaries, time management for self compassion, more clarity about the direction of your life, and more.

  • Strengthen relationships

  • better communication

  • More respect, less drama

  • Feel more appreciated and valued at home and work

  • Contribute to others’ wellbeing and self-respect

  • Attract healthy and supportive partners and friends

  • Increase your mental, emotional and physical energy


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Empowered women have

healthy boundaries & know their core values

I first attended one of Kym’s boundary-setting workshops not knowing what to expect, and I ended up walking away with straightforward steps to begin implementing boundaries and experienced immediate improvements in my personal and professional relationships. As a result, I reached out to work with her for one on one coaching for my business and I can say with confidence that Kym has hands down been the best investment I could have made. In our first consultation, she was able to effectively identify areas where my business needed improvement and providing straight forward solutions. Additionally, she demonstrated her ability to be flexible and make adjustments when needed which I think is so crucial for successful coaching. It was nice to know that it’s not just a “one size fits all” coaching program she’s using, but that she’s truly coaching me for my individualized needs. If you’re looking for true support and keen professional guidance I cannot recommend Kym enough!
— Katharine P
Boundaries Workshop for women in Buffalo, NY led by Kym  Photo Credit: Blackbirds Photography

Boundaries Workshop for women in Buffalo, NY led by Kym

Photo Credit: Blackbirds Photography



I enter each session with respect, humility and gratitude. I will listen. I will speak up with honesty and always get clarity. I will not take anything personally. I will not make assumptions. I ask that you make the same commitment for your own wellbeing.

Photo Credit: Blackbirds Photography

Photo Credit: Blackbirds Photography

About Me

I live in New England with my husband, 2 kids and 1 dog. I’ve been married to Dan since 2000. We had our first son, Johnny, in 2007 and we’re fostering-to-adopt a little boy who was born blind. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions about foster care, adoption, or Microphthalmia. I’m very happy to share!

In 2018, I retired as a full-time, international photographer to focus on mentoring womxn, growing my retreat business, my family, and anti-racism.

I’m also the founder of NINE Retreat, a dynamic experience and community for womxn to feel whole.