Kym Ventola

Business Coach • Teacher • Photographer 


I have learned A LOT over the last 10 year of owning multiple businesses.

I was a full-time, international wedding photographer for 10 years......while raising a son, trying to maintain a healthy marriage, starting new businesses, while experiencing mental health + physical issues, while learning what boundaries were and why I needed them.

Mistakes became lessons. Self-care was no longer self-ish. My community + teaching gave me purpose.

On my 40th birthday, I could finally say I KNOW WHO I AM.


Business Coach

After 10 incredible years of photographing weddings, elopements, portraits, fashion and for non-profits, I decided to put my energy into helping other photographers with their business.

"Community over competition" has been the spirit of my business since day one. And now I love that I can take it to the next level and help you take control of your business. Let's set boundaries together.

In the spring of 2007, I left a depressing job in a windowless room. I had a 3 month old baby at home and desperately wanted to be home with him more often. He was nursing, so being gone 8 - 9 hours each day meant that I had to pump alone in my depressing office with little human interaction. 

When I focused on taking my photography business full time, I was passionate and motivated to be my own boss! I wanted to be in charge of ALL THE THINGS!! 

This is great! Only for so long. At some point, you hit a wall and realize that you're spread too thin. Mistakes are made. Opportunities are missed. Finances are out of control. You're working longer hours than you expected. You don't feel as passionate about the work you're doing. You contemplate finding another job.


Find your support system.

Set boundaries.

Get a coach.




We'll meet (via video) for one hour each week for 5 weeks.
You'll have light homework, but nothing too stressful. Believe me, it will be worth it and you'll see a difference in how you view your business. 
• You'll set short and long term goals
• Set boundaries
• Streamline your post-processing / free up time!
• Create a Mission Statement and work on Core Values
• Constructive Feedback



During our 1-hour video chat, I'll answer your questions or share tips about starting a business, how to edit, managing, marketing, etc. You choose the topic! I'll have you fill out a form beforehand to help you stay focused!


In 2015, I held my first retreat called NINE. That first year, was mostly focused on helping photographers.

Today, NINE is simply for all women.

At NINE, we are all teachers and students. I learn something every damn time!

I LOVE teaching at NINE. I'm in my element, surrounded by women that are opening themselves up to the experiences and lessons.

Topics that I've focused on:

  • setting boundaries
  • taking control of your business
  • zero / less waste
  • The Four Agreements
  • finding purpose + passion
  • healing from trauma

Hope I get to see you at NINE some day!


While I am still photographing weddings from now until the summer of 2018, I am no longer booking new weddings. 

I am still photographing Beautifully Dark Sessions in New England though! Come visit me and let's make beautiful photos in the woods or at the ocean!

I am selling my Lightroom Presets HERE:


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