“If you feel lost, resentful, disconnected and overwhelmed — 
you may need healthy boundaries and a mentor to support you. ”

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I'm here to help you set personal & professional boundaries. I will help you overcome emotional and mental challenges and programming. I challenge you to re-think the story you've been telling yourself. I help you define your self-identity and core values.


Personal Mentoring

Self-Identity. This is for women looking to re-discover their own strength, clarity, wisdom and self-love. Together, we will create boundaries in your relationships, self-care routine, mental & emotional health and more.

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Professional Mentoring

This is for women looking to take control of their professional life. Create boundaries around your schedule, pricing, communication, screen time, work hours and more.

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NINE is a dynamic experience for women looking to heal, define and connect through meaningful workshops and experiences focused on mental, physical and emotional health. 

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About Kym Ventola

I was a full-time, international wedding photographer for 11 years......while raising a son, trying to maintain a healthy marriage, starting new businesses, while experiencing mental health + physical issues, while learning what boundaries were and why I needed them.

Mistakes became lessons. Self-care was no longer self-ish. My community + teaching gave me purpose.


"Kym has guided me well, assisted me in identifying and implementing my boundaries, understanding my own areas to work through, recommended the right readings for me at the right times, and keeps me grounded so that my business growth is something I can accept with divine gratitude.” 

Norina Murphy, LCSW